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MinKey AU ideas

Date: 2013-05-02 01:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
1) Plot: Key is planning on a nice vacation, but things don't go as expected when he finds something...or someone.
In this, Minho is some kind of supernatural creature. (I was lookin around and I was thinking it migh be really interesting to do Minho as the Minotaur. Or an incubus (wink wink rawr smexy), but any other cool/dangerous mythical/supernatural animal is ok with me)
Setting: I don't really care. Could be anywhere from a back alley (where they meet) to a beach resort, anything. For time, I'd like it to be set in present-day.
Theme/Etc: For this kind of thing I'd like it if they were special...don't know how to describe it. Like those things where characters are the "chosen ones" in books, and at some point in time they do something REALLY BADASS in public? Something like that. I'd also like if Key would kinda "teach" Minho about the world (b/c Minho's kind of an animal, and he has to learn how to function in society...something)

Plot: Minho and Key are the exact OPPOSITES of soul mates. From the very moment they laid eyes on eachother, they hated eachother. But what happens when they are forced to work together?
Setting: MinKey both as police officers working on a case together (any where's fine). Present day.
Theme/Etc: I want it to start out as them really, REALLY despising eachother (I'm just like that lol this while plot sucks...). Throughout the story some various shameless sex scenes please :). And by the end I want them to realize that they actually have feelings for eachother, but I don't want them to act mushy-just kind of grudgingly realize that yes, they are in fact in love with eachother. Would also like to include a hostage scene (either with another unrelated character, or either Minho or Key as a hostage...with the other one saving them. Ugh I can be so cheesy sometimes...)

Anyway, that's it. Thanks!

Re: MinKey AU ideas

Date: 2013-05-02 04:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh neat! I really like the idea of Minho as a succubus! Mmmmmmh, I could have fun with that! XD Thanks for the prompts! I'll add them both to the list!

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