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So I was asked to recommend a few K-Pop fics... I'm have to admit I'm kinda picky (ok then, EXTREMELY picky) so I don't find favourites easily, but here it goes anyway, some fics I have highly enjoyed, and often return to read again:


Minho/Key (MinKey):

"Beyond Blue Skies" by [ profile] fonulyn
Kim Kibum. Section IV, Exhibit 923C. One of the over thousand Exhibits in the research facility. Why he is left behind, no one knows.

This is one of the best k-pop fics I have ever read, one of my all time favourites. It's just... the feel of clinical isolation conveyed throughout it all that creeps under your skin and stays there. This paired with the absolute sweetness of minkeys budding relationship... it gives me mental goose bumps of awesomeness. It's so haunting and beautiful and everything flows so calmly and naturally and I love how the author doesn't give you all answers which makes the fic stay with you long after you've read it. Ok, I'm babbling. This is truly a work of art - so go read it. And make sure to check out the author's other works as well (both minkey and otherwise). You won't be sorry.

"Secret Dreams" by [ profile] fonulyn
Minjung knows her feelings aren’t appropriate. She can’t stop feeling them anyway.

I was only gonna put one story per author in here, but fuck it, minkey fics are rare and this is too good. It's pretty short but so beautiful it broke my feels. It's Jane Austen inspired. Need I say more? I thought not. Go read.

"One Year Later" by [ profile] jecca_o9
Kibum thinks all first loves should be a little awkward. A little uncertain, a little wrong, like all the parts don't really fit together, but they'd be hopelessly and foolishly in love anyway.

I think nearly everyone links this in their minkey fic rec lists, but it's just that good. I would have loved it even if it wasn't minkey - it could very well stand on its own.

"Synergetic" by [ profile] paripassi
College AU. Minho plays for the school’s soccer team on scholarship; Kibum is studying sports medicine and logging hours to receive his massage license. Touching a good friend intimately doesn’t always bode too well, but in this case maybe it will.

I loved this one dearly, minkey were just so cute here and I love how this writer writes Kibum. It has a part 2 as well with some really good sex in it so be sure to check that out.

"Once Upon a One Night Stand" by [ profile] mrs_min_ai
They met for the first time at a college frat party that neither had any business being at and that was only the beginning.

This was a really intruiging fic, I found myself hooked, and I just love how fiercely proud Kibum is in this. I'd really love to see a sequel to this one day.

"Once upon a time..." by [ profile] finnish_pirate
Kibum loves fairytales. He loves to sit in the library to drown in a world of fairies and magicians. Purely by chance his favourite book becomes a messenger of love and Kibum finds something more real than a prince in a fairytale…

A truly unique fic. Pure fluff. Made me go "d'aww!" a lot.

"Dishes, Suitcases" by [ profile] quirke
Band!fic. When SHINee comes to a halt, Minho has trouble leaving.

Lovely fic. Oh, how I wish this fic would one day come true XD

"I'm Just One Wish Away" by [ profile] indelible_x
They were the kind of couple that would have fights and half of their belongings would be thrown out the window, more bruises shared than kisses.

Dysfunctional minkey at its best. It gave me chills. I love that it has such a sweet, happy ending, cause I couldn't handle the alternative...

"Torture" by [ profile] goyangi
Band!fic. Sorry, I couldn't find a summary for this, but it contains some awesome minkey phonesex and that's all you need to know really. (And you have thereby been warned). Also has a part 2 with some more sexings in it.

This fic is pure awesomeness. I had such a derpy smile on my face reading it.

"Differences" by [ profile] static_abyss
Hipster: *a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation for art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence and witty banter. Kibum is a hipster.

Really cute and well-written fic that gives me tingly feels. A nice take on the coffeshop!AU. I also love the idea of Kibum as a hipster. If only...

Can I Be Close to You? by [ profile] sharpersong
Throughout their relationship, the gender roles have been vaguely established between them. Kibum isn’t exactly the manliest man, if we’re speaking traditional standards, whereas Minjung is a pretty badass woman.

It's not often that I can say I liked a het!minkey, but this one is really really good and well deserved of a read. I especially like how Key and Minjung are described in this and how their relationship work. It's really sweet. And I love the whole genderbender quality of this. The sex scene described is also all kinds of hot. And you have thereby been warned. It's NC-17.

Onew/Key (OnKey):

"The Rumour Mill" by [ profile] allygirlie
There were a lot of rumors about Kim Kibum, but they couldn’t all be true…right?

A small pearl of a fic. It's not often I find OnKey that I like, because the characters are often a little off to me or the author doesn't make me believe in the chemistry between the two. But this one gets it right. So right. The only downside is that it's so short, because it leaves me wanting more.

"You Can Insert Your Disk Into My Drive" by [ profile] itachibana13
Jinki walks up and down the aisles staring at each and every laptop, scanning them from top to bottom, inspecting the cut of the keyboard, testing the touchpad and staring into the black screen. “Um, excuse me, do you need any help?”
Jinki jumps, quickly turning around to see the intruder. He has light brown hair, glasses, and a smile that could kill. He’s cute, in a dangerous sort of way, Jinki tells himself.

This is a really cute fic. And I love the idea of Key as a tech geek. A very original fic in that sense.

"Just North of Canis Minor" by [ profile] parthenope_sing
Jinki wakes up hurting all over. “Ow,” he tries to say, except it comes out more like a strangled groan. His mouth and throat feel completely parched, like he’s swallowed an entire barrel of salt in one sitting. He squints one eye open, just barely making out the blue sky and a blurry figure leaning over him before the sunlight becomes too painful and forces him to close it again.

A fic in a mythological setting where Jinki is a stranded sailor on an island and Key a lonely siren. Another extremely cute OnKey you won't be sorry for checking out.

Minho/Onew (OnHo):

"Fly Me" by [ profile] phasera
If Onew is ever going to make it as a professional Cabin Attendant for a successful airline, then he will probably have to overcome his intense fear of flying someday.

One of the best fics (and ficwriters) I have ever read. It also has a part 2 with some smexy airplane sex in it. I'm so sad this writer doesn't write for SHINee anymore. She did a lot of stuff though, while she was at it, so be sure to check it out!

Onew/Taemin (OnTae):

"It's Not Easy Being Green" by [ profile] phasera & [ profile] joonbi
The thing about living in a tree is that the terror of falling out of the tree and breaking your neck and dying goes away after the first couple days, and then you're just really bored and wishing you'd brought along some magazines or a Gameboy or something.

I just love the crazy idea of this fic, with Taemin as an environmentalist and Onew as his fan. It's purely brilliant!

Jonghyun/Taemin (JongTae):

"Worth Stealing" by [ profile] koukaiaru
Taemin may steal a lot of things but there's not many things he considers really worth stealing.

A really wonderful fic where all the SHINee members are problematic kids at the same psych ward. I really love how it deals with the emotions between these odd, scarred young souls. It's really beautiful, and very moving. You're bound to cry, but mostly in a good way. And the best part is it has MinKey in it too, quite a lot. I don't even know what you're waiting for. Go read NOW!


Han Geng/Heechul (HanChul):

"Fingertips" by [ profile] black_goose (multichaptered)
At the Soo Man Academy for Gifted Individuals, those with mutant powers are taught how to control their gifts. Hankyung has come to learn to control something he doesn't consider a gift, but rather a curse, and he wants nothing else from the school, certainly not friendship, but then, his life has never gone how he wanted it.

I really love what the author did with the mutant cliché in this fic, with the rich background story and everything, and the HanChul love story is so sweet.

"Don't Sink My Ship And Sail Away" by [ profile] elirian_19
Wherein Sungmin and Siwon make out. Youngwoon sets things on fire and Heechul hates his life.

I'm quite proud to have spawned this fic (and 'verse), negl XD It's also the best HanChul I have ever read. Short, but oh so sweet. I wish it was a bisquit so I could eat it. It makes me want to curl up and coo with happiness in a corner somewhere. It also has a companion piece here which you should not miss.

Siwon/Sungmin (ShiMin):

By Heart by [ profile] elirian_19 (multichaptered: NC-17)
When Choi Siwon's heart fails him he's given a second chance at life. However, that second chance comes with a load of strings and soon Siwon is thrust into a life that is not his own. As he deals with experiencing his donor's memories and handling the loved ones Hankyung left behind, Siwon finds it harder and harder to keep a hold on where he begins and where Hankyung ends.

I may be biased because elirian is my friend and share a writing comm with me, but she's one of the best fan fiction authors I know, and this fic is the proof. The whole story is just so well planned and executed, and so complex I'm beyond amazed. It's like reading a really good mystery novel. I laughed and cried and cursed, and cried some more, reading this, I don't think a fic has ever engaged me this much; made me feel this much. So go read it now.

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